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4.5 stars | 148 reviews
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Pawn Your Items for Quick Cash

If you need some extra money fast, pawning is the perfect solution. At Lucky Pawn, we provide you with top dollar loan offers, secure on-site storage, and a comfortable, welcoming environment to make the pawning process easy.
Our friendly staff makes it simple to get quick cash without the hassle or concern you may find at other pawn shops. We pride ourselves on our professional, courteous service, and we look forward to serving you to the best of our abilities. Visit us today, or fill out the appraisal form below!

Sell Your Items to Lucky Pawn

Do you have items you’re willing to part with? Lucky Pawn will buy them from you! We'll make an offer on your jewelry, electronics, tools, collectibles, and much more. We’re also one of the few pawn shops in Snellville, GA, that pawns and sells firearms!
Whether you need a boost for your bank account or want to make some easy money after cleaning out your home, Lucky Pawn makes selling your items stress-free. Visit us to get an appraisal, or fill out the appraisal form below!

Start Your Appraisal

Our online appraisals allow you to send a photo of your item to our team. If you have an item you wish to sell or pawn, it is easy to check that we’ll take your item β€” without coming into the store! Just snap a quick picture, upload it below with a brief description, and we will message you back as soon as possible.
Please note: Lucky Pawn will not discuss prices or offers through this system. However, we will tell you if your item is worth bringing into the store for a full appraisal, at which point we will discuss offer details.

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4.5 stars | 148 reviews
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